In Ugarte we support parity of men and women.

A production team made up of 50% men and 50% women.

Our history: Our capacity to adapt and innovate.

Ugarte began its activities in 1966 in the municipality of Berriz. It made, underneath the family house, pincers and other utensils that were commonly used at that time.

Our industrial manufacturing processes developed historically through the manufacturing of spare parts for the trucks and industrial vehicles.
We still maintain this line of production and its part of our identity that we don’t want to lose. However, we also have finishing machinery and we produce fasteners for the diverse sectors for which we manufacture. Axels, spindles, studs, pins, tie bars, casings, bolts, nuts… You can see the different sectors in which we manufacture here.

Gender Parity in our Workforce

In Ugarte we support equality of men and women

Why work with Ugarte?


In Ugarte we have a full technical team capable of designing whatever piece you request, offering solutions to our clients.


With more than 50 years in our sector we can rely on wealth of experience which underpins our know-how with respect to our products.


In Ugarte we are aware that speed can be critical for our clients, and for these reasons our delivery times are faster than those of our competitors.


In Ugarte we support continuous innovation in all our manufacturing processes. We comply with environmental and quality regulations.


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